Sep 22, 2010

Card Cash

Someone offers you the following deal:

There is a deck of 100 initially blank cards. The dealer is allowed to write ANY positive integer, one per card, leaving none blank. You are then asked to turn over as many cards as you wish. If the last card you turn over is the highest in the deck, you win; otherwise, you lose.

Winning grants you $50, and losing costs you only the $10 you paid to play.

Would you accept this challenge?


  1. Ahh . . . I'd say no because the dealer could write the same value for each card, hence, none would be the "highest".

  2. No there are so many possibilities that Someone can cheat

  3. The odds here are very strange. If you pick a high card then you have to keep turning untill you find a higher card.

    I would expect that at 5 to 1 odds you would still loose money consistently to the dealer.

    The game would also become tiresome as the dealer would consistently have to re write the numbers to prevent the player from recognizing the high card.

  4. What if i turn only one card?

  5. If I understand the question correctly then only a great fool would play this game.

    You basically have a 100 cards shuffled and somebody asking you to guess which card in the deck is the highest card?

    Probability of you guessing correctly is 1/100. Odds are 5:1. Unless the payout is more than a $1000 for every time you play(@ $10) you shouldn't play this stupid game.

  6. think dudes think!! you should play this game... you can win with a probability of around 100/e% i guess...

  7. Chances of him winning a single independent game is 0.802. But consecutively in 5 games? It comes down to mere 33.18%. I'm all in.